What we do


Job posting and active sourcing on DOU, LinkedIn, GitHub, Djinni, Facebook, Telegram, via email.


We do pre-screening of candidates and provide you a cover letter with the results. We include specific, important to you questions in the list of pre-screening questions.


Conducting a weekly retrospective provide reports.

Client Reviews

Andrii Serhiichuk "CTO at Betbazar"
Don't Panic is our preferred recruitment partner. They are able to identify talent that we would not have been able to find or engage with ourselves.
Max Filippov "VC investor at GR Capital"
Quick, personable, professional, and above all good people to work with. I've no hesitation saying that they are our favorite recruitment firm. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Gene Sigalov "Co-Founder at Simpletexting"
Nearly a year ago these guys recruited a remote senior Java developer for our company and he's still with us. They did a great job reaching out to candidates and shortlisting the ones genuinely interested in our project. Recommend!
Alexandr Malevich "Lead Recruiter at Onthespotdev"
I want to thank you guys! It was a pleasure for us to work with you! Our team was really satisfied with the quality of your services, in particular the quality of cover letters on the candidates. Keep it up! Thank you!
Alex Bouaziz "Co-Founder and CEO at Deel"
Don't Panic Recruiting is a great recruiting agency in Ukraine, they managed to live up to the high standards our fast-growing startup. I definitely recommend them!
Tony Urban "Founder and CEO at Deckrobot"
Generally speaking the only adequate recruiters I've worked with on Ukrainian market.
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Closed vacancies: 8
0 warranty replacements
Closed vacancies: 22
2 warranty replacements
Closed vacancies: 32
3 warranty replacements
7 weeks
The average time to close one vacancy


Olena Pasko
Olena Pasko
Recruiting Sourcer
Tania Sikirska
Tania Sikirska
Partner | Lead Recruiter
Eugene Haiduchenko
Eugene Haiduchenko
COO | Co-founder
Anastasiia Loza
Anastasiia Loza
IT Recruiter
Karina Stopachynska
Karina Stopachynska
Recruiting Sourcer
Yuliya Havrilyuk
Yuliya Havrilyuk
Talent Sourcing Lead
Alex Hermann
Alex Hermann
CEO | Co-Founder
Mariya Shelkovaya
Mariya Shelkovaya
Recruiting Sourcer
Maksym Tymchenko
Maksym Tymchenko
Julia Yushchuk
Julia Yushchuk
Head of Marketing
Andrii Andriienko
Andrii Andriienko
Project Execution Lead
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since May 2019 Don’t Panic Recruiting

“So How Does That Work?”

We jump on a get to know call to learn about your recruiting needs
Employer Branding
Digital footprint audit
Signing the Contract
You say “Great, let’s do it” so we sign and and begin the search.
Gathering job requirements
Filling in a job description questionnaire
Working on filling the position
sourcing, pre-screening, writing cover letter, negotiating salary, reporting etc
and post-offer assistance.

Terms and conditions

Our fee is 16% of candidate’s annual salary
Collateral fee: 500$
Guaranteed replacement period 3 months

Contact us

Book a 15-min call and get a personal consultation on hiring software developers.
Or setting up an office in Ukraine. Any questions about Ukrainian IT market are welcome!
Feel free to write and call us.
Additional information on your open positions would be a plus.


It all started in Ukraine when 2 childhood friends goht really pissed off with the way recruitment was done in their country


"It was a warm, beautiful spring of 2017. I had some money so I invested it in a small startup. There was really little money, that’s why we had to find developers ourselves. It was then that I got to know the intricacies of recruiting and realized the price of a bad hire".


"I was engaged in recruiting processes in one of the local agencies. I dealt with both amazingly cool recruitment services and unspeakably terrible ones. I lost count of those sleepless nights when I thought about structured communication that would save time and help find jobs for the best specialists".
The cooperation of the two was only a matter of time. Alex's knowledge of project management and Eugene's understanding of recruiting processes resulted in an astonishingly successful union: the former took care of clients while the latter took over operational activities. The first clients did not take long, the debut closed position — Senior Angular Developer.
Since then, we have grown significantly and launched a bunch of new products. The values ​​of Don't Panic remain unchanged, both within the team and in working with clients: dedication, people-centeredness and empathy.
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