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It all started in Ukraine when 2 childhood friends got really pissed off with the way recruitment was done in their country

"In spring 2017 I assembled a team of 3 developers and got some investment to build an MVP. We were building a tool for Blockchain mining hotel. I was tight on budget, so had to recruit people myself. I learned recruitment eventually simply by doing it for my own project. Back then I learned the cost of making a bad hire."
"I used to recruit at a local recruitment agency. I witnessed some really good and some really bad recruitment services over the course of past years. The mere thought of how much time we can save and how many great candidates we can win through well structured communication, kept me awake at night. Until one day..."
In summer 2017 Alex got a call from his COO friend complaining about not having enough developers on a his project. Alex offered his help with recruitment.
Partnering up with Eugene went without saying, so they teamed up to accomplish their first payed recruitment order: Senior Angular Developer.
They made a great team. Alex focused on clients while Eugene was taking care of all the operations. Within a couple of months we got many clients from: our friend at a Venture Capital Fund recommended us to a $30.000.000,00 startup, another local Ukrainian Front-end developer friend introduced us to his boss who was at the time looking for a Senior Java Developer. The word of mouth was quickly spreading stories about our custom approach and super fast results - on average our client would hire a candidate on the third or second week.